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Drabble: Strawberry

Title: Strawberry
Author: parvati_blossom

Spoilers: None
Warnings: none


“Even when we first met Tanya’s clan in Denali — all those females! — Edward never showed the slightest preference.” Or did he? After all, he was merely a man…


I found the title very meaningful. Not only because it's Tanya's hair, but also because it's a fruit... it could be another forbidden fruit for Edward, totally opposed to Bella, who symbolizes the apple... Furthermore, when I finished writing the last line, my mum asked me whether I wanted apple or strawberry gelatin LOL.

I will probably end up writing a group of drabbles about Edward. I absolutely love him.



Everyone was excited when Carlisle proposed a trip to Denali after arranging the treaty with the werewolves in Forks. He wanted to visit some old friends he had there, who were also vegetarians, as well as introducing the family.

The flight was uneventful. The presentations were even shoddier, though. Of course, arriving at a new place brought up some curiosity, especially when Emmett hinted at an impeding hunting. However, the Denali sisters were plain. Edward did not dare compare them to Rosalie, but they were certainly drawn to men.

Nevertheless, what made the matter worse was that he could read his family’s thoughts with ease and he knew most of them were waiting some reaction from him. He could not understand what they were really expecting to witness. He was not looking for a companion and none of them attracted him, period.

Esme did not manage to hide her disappointment and sadness. Edward was aware of her fears concerning him, that he would never be whole again and might have lost every bond to humanity. Her fears were factual, but she kept being hopeful about someone appearing out of nowhere and saving him from oblivion.

“Edward,” called Tanya outside his room and he sighed, defeated, “may I come in?”

“Certainly, Tanya.” He put away the book he had been reading. It was such a waste of time.

The woman was graceful as she entered the room and took her time inspecting the additions he had made to it. Her eyes found his collection of CDs and she asked some questions about his likes, which he answered dryly. It was clear that Tanya was trying very hard to forge a conversation and Edward attempted to be courteous and not dismiss her right away.

However, her goal was very obvious, even without using his talent.

“Carlisle told me about your gift,” there was a little of mischief in her eyes, “you know, so as to be careful about what I think about when I am around you.” He raised an eyebrow.

“And what would you try to conceal from me?” he asked, smirking at her approach.

“Wouldn’t you like to know, mind reader?” she teased.

She walked towards him, smiling alluringly. Her body was inches from his own, almost urging him to touch her, to embrace her, to taste the forbidden fruit. She was attractive, with her strawberry blond hair and her gold eyes in contract with her pale skin. However, Edward felt she was just… not enough.


Tanya did not give up when he did not reach towards her. Instead, she almost seemed to be encouraged by his indifference. From her thoughts, Edward figured she was thrilled to find someone who resisted her looks at last. He was a challenge, someone to compel, to struggle to get within. He mentally cursed his luck. Couldn’t she just admit defeat?


“Why don’t you give in, Edward?” She extended her hand and caressed his face, even when he retreated. “Don’t you want to have some fun?”

“You are genuinely wicked,” he said, moving back once again. She was invading his personal space just too much and he almost found himself growling.

“Why, thank you, mind reader,” she advanced again, smiling so widely that he truly believed she felt flattered. “You don’t like wicked and blond girls, do you?”

“Undoubtedly so.”

“Yet… I’m not an ordinary girl, am I? After all,” she licked his neck, whispering the words in his ear, “we are vampires, aren’t we? Very… passionate beings.”

And just like that, the decision coming up in her mind, she leaned forward and kissed him, so forceful that he was pushed backwards to the wall. Tanya put her arms around his neck and increased the vigor of the kiss as he struggled to gain control and space.

When she pulled back, she did not disconnect her body from his. In its place, she moved one of her hands to his chest, caressing every trace of skin she discovered in the way. She seemed drugged and her eyes sparkled as she inhaled his scent.

Alright, he admitted, she was worse than Rosalie.

Edward smirked and let his lips made a suggestion of kisses in her neck, which delighted her enormously. He surrounded her waist with his arms and coerced her to change spots. Now, she was the one against the wall.

“I knew you would catch up,” she muttered in his ear.

In response, he smiled slyly and dropped a chaste kiss in her lips before suddenly stepping back and away from her.

“Never presume anything about me, Tanya.”

Edward smiled charmingly in farewell and went out of the room. He knew Fate was mocking him, picturing him as merely a man. But he was more than that, even more than a vampire.

He was Edward Cullen.



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Feb. 5th, 2008 08:13 pm (UTC)
I will probably end up writing a group of drabbles about Edward. I absolutely love him.

YAY!!! *dancing*


"He was not looking for a companion and none of them attracted him, period. Already told ya i love that <3!

Btw, i was thinking... did he had cds already by then? o.o *she gets so lost in years T_T*
Feb. 5th, 2008 08:20 pm (UTC)
This is after they settled the treaty with the werewolves.

"Around 1936, Edward moved to Forks with his family where they encountered the Quileute Indians who have the ability to transform into werewolves [...]The Cullens lived in Forks for a few years before moving on to other places." (from Twilight Lexicon)

Between that year and 2003, they were *not* in Forks. So, this happened during those years, plenty of time for CDs to pop up, right? LoL And I'm sure Edward was one of the first people to update his whole collection the moment they appear XDDDD So practical, really!

Thanks for helping out, honey!
Feb. 5th, 2008 08:24 pm (UTC)
oh, i guess, i supposed i just... supposed (valga la redundancia!) that they wouldn't wait that much to meet the other in denali, though, i agree on edward updating quickly enough LOLZ

you are always welcomed, hon!
Feb. 6th, 2008 04:53 pm (UTC)
Edward smiled charmingly in farewell and went out of the room. He knew Fate was mocking him, picturing him as merely a man. But he was more than that, even more than a vampire.

He was Edward Cullen.

I really like how you write edward and edward/tanya. Gah, i cant wait for BD!
Feb. 6th, 2008 07:09 pm (UTC)
Thank you! I'm so pleased you liked it ^O^!
I cannot wait, either LOL. Edward rules!
Feb. 6th, 2008 05:16 pm (UTC)
Lol! I love it. :) Very fun.
Feb. 6th, 2008 07:07 pm (UTC)
Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it. They just came up like that to my mind LOL. It was Edward's "very courteous, gentlemanly" way of refusing LOL.
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